TruFiber 6.2oz powder



TruFiber soluble fiber is uniquely formulated to stimulate probiotics to restore regularity fast.

TruFiberTM contains two unique sources of soluble, prebiotic fiber: Sunfiber® and Inulin.
One serving or one level scoop (11 cc) of TruFiberTM provides slightly more than 14% of the recommended 25 gram Daily Value for fiber. TruFiberTM is a tasteless, white powder that mixes fast and clear with no grit or thickening.

Sunfiber® or PHGG is derived from seeds of the guar plant and is partially hydrolyzed to improve solubility and reduce viscosity. It has been clinically proven to improve regularity at levels corresponding to two servings of TruFiberTM (see scientific references). Sunfiber® is a registered trademark of Taiyo International, Inc.

Inulin is isolated from roots of the chicory plant. It has a lower molecular weight (shorter carbohydrate chains) than PHGG and provides a synergistic prebiotic effect.

TruFiberTM has been shown to improve the following conditions (see scientific references).

Constipation and poor elimination
Diarrhea and loose stools
Poor absorption of calcium and magnesium
Low Bifidobacteria levels in colon
Low Lactobacillus CFU in small intestine
High cholesterol and triglycerides

The most common response to taking TruFiberTM is improved regularity with more uniform stool consistency and intestinal comfort. Improvements in nutrient absorption result in enhanced energy and a greater feeling of wellness.


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