Quality Control

Quality control is job number one at Wellness Pharmacy®—starting with a state-of-the-art laboratory utilizing Class 100 laminar hoods in certified ISO 8 clean rooms.

Below is an overview of our sterile prescription quality control procedures:

  1. Ingredients are shipped to our facility with Certificates of Analysis verifying product integrity.
  2. Ingredients are stored in a carefully-controlled environment prior to usage.
  3. At the time of prescription preparation, the ingredients’ lot numbers and expiration dates are recorded.
  4. All staff involved in the sterile compounding process is trained and credentialed in preparation of sterile injections—and are annually re-certified for proficiency.
  5. Prescriptions are re-checked after preparation for color and/or clarity, consistency, packaging integrity, and readability of label instructions—enabling patients to easily measure required doses accurately.
  6. A product sample is tested by an independent lab to verify sterility and integrity. Patients living in states requiring extensive end-product testing (before dispensing) must await the results before the product is dispensed.