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Wellness Pharmacy’s® comprehensive Autism Support Program, one of the very few of its kind, is dedicated to the following belief:

Addressing autism involves more than prescription drugs alone can achieve.

Biomedical therapies address the biomedical causes of autism spectrum disorders: Gastrointestinal abnormalities, immune dysfunctions, detoxification abnormalities and/or nutritional deficiencies or imbalances. All have been suggested as potential biomedical triggers of autism and many practitioners feel they are intertwined and should be integrated in with conventional therapies.

Wellness actively supports local Autistic organizations. We are a corporate sponsor of the nation’s leading non-profit Autism organization. And we’re committed to providing patients and parents everything they need to address and defeat autism – from research, information and support to quality products.

Wellness has created a one-stop resource for quality products, support and information to defeat autism.