About Us

Better Solutions. Made To Order.

It’s a reputation Wellness has earned among physicians and patients nationwide. It is the reason we are one of the very few compounding pharmacies anywhere who regularly sends representative samples for testing at independent laboratories, and it is why Wellness Pharmacy has been cited as a source in more medical resources than any compounding pharmacy in our profession.

“The number one reason I use Wellness is the quality of their service-which includes the quality of their products.”
-David Perlmutter, M.D.

Where Science Meets Common Sense.

Physicians rely on Wellness for compounding solutions when “patent” prescription medications inadequately address patient needs. Learn more about our compounded medicines here. A primary reason patent medicine cannot solve every treatable medical problem is that good common sense does not always make good economic sense for prescription drug companies, particularly when the solution cannot be patent-protected.

Wellness fills the gap between traditional prescription care and total care, by grounding everything we do in a foundation of proven science. We have reviewed hundreds of peer-review articles – which is why many of our physician clients rely on us as an informational resource, on topics ranging from Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy to Detox Protocols. Wellness has even served as an active partner in several research projects, including a landmark Glutathione study initiated in 2001 at the University of Miami. In addition to our ongoing “informal” review and distribution of current literature, we maintain strict formal qualification standards for the pharmacists we hire.

Where Quality Meets Value.

There is an old saying that you can’t put a price on good health. Well, we can, and it’s a fair price. Every time. Our purchasing power and operating efficiencies ensure that. Which is not to say that Wellness is in the business of beating anybody’s prices any day-for the simple reason that we won’t compromise the quality of our products and services just to make sales. After all, as another old saying goes, you can’t put a price on reputation.