Integrative Therapeutics

Integrative Therapeutics Inc. (ITI) is the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality nutritional supplements to health care practitioners and their patients.

For more than 30 years, ITI products have been purchased and used by medical professionals and researchers, in the United States and around the world. More than 50,000 medical professionals recommend ITI products to their patients, a good indicator of trust, quality and value.

ITI’s top 50 products have been the subject of more than 2,500 independent, peer-reviewed-published clinical trials and studies. ITI products have been extensively used in research supported by major medical university research centers, hospital research centers, and government agencies, including the NIH and Veteran’s Administration.

ITI manufactures its products in an FDA-registered drug facility, meeting and exceeding the standards established for drug manufacturing. Your patients will benefit from exactly the same dietary supplement systems used in clinical trials proving health benefits.

ITI carries the well-known brands Vitaline and Tyler which are listed below.

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