DaVinci Labs

Ongoing research and development at DaVinci Laboratories has resulted in the most exclusive line of specialty products, some of which include: Pure N,N-Dimethylglycine (Gluconic® DMG); the most complete high potency multiple vitamin/mineral formulas available (Daily BeastTM, Kid’s Mighty VitesTM, OmniTM, Omni JrTM, SpectraTM, SpectraTM Man, SpectraTM Senior, SpectraTM Woman, Ultimate PrenatalTM); and unique glycosaminoglycan products (Cartilage+TM, Disc-Discovery®, Perna® and Perna® Plus). DaVinci was also the first nutritional company in the United States to introduce Oil of Evening Primrose (Gamma-LinTM) to health practitioners in 1980 as well as the first company to offer doctors an efficient and accurate protocol for evaluating the quality of Oil of Evening Primrose.

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