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Rod Harbin Jr.


Rod Harbin, Jr., President of Wellness Pharmacy, is actively involved in many parts of the business. Rod, Jr. leads the financial and accounting efforts on a daily basis. He also works with the Sales team, Shipping department, and Senior Management teams. Rod also leads the company’s advocacy efforts for patient access to compounded medications. The benefit of working with all the team members involved in the business gives him an insight into how hard each of the employees works to make customers’ lives better. “I like honest, hardworking, positive minded people that care about others. I believe we have formed a team that reflects those values and has the best interest of our customers at heart.”

A friend of Rod, Jr.’s told him Wellness Pharmacy saved his friend’s life. “(My friend) had contracted Lyme disease and credited our compounded medications with giving him back his quality of life.” Rod, Jr. is proud that the Wellness family has helped so many people over the years. “I love that we prepare unique formulations to assist patients with their unique medical needs. There are other compounding pharmacies out there, but very few like us. I couldn’t be prouder of our team, the medications we dispense, and the help we provide to patients and physicians in need of our expertise.”

Rod, Jr. has been a part of Wellness Pharmacy since 2000. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Auburn University in Management. Rod, Jr. is a proud husband to his wife Lizzie and pet owner of a black lab named Ellie and a Wheaten terrier named Gracie. While he is a part of Wellness Pharmacy’s history, Rod, Jr. spends time away from the pharmacy exploring a different history. Rod, Jr. participates as a member of the North-South Skirmish Association, where he engages in shooting competitions that use Civil War-era weaponry.