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Mandy Robinson

Non-Sterile Lab Supervisor

Mandy Robison, a Non-Sterile Lab Supervisor for Wellness Pharmacy, is proud and passionate about what she does and who she serves. Her passion for helping others through medicine began in high school, working at a family-owned pharmacy in Laurel, MS. This experience allowed Mandy to see firsthand how important pharmacist-patient relationships are and she carries that knowledge forward with how she treats patients to this day.

“Personally and professionally, it is important to me that I, as a pharmacist, and that Wellness Pharmacy, as a provider, can be aware of the needs of patients and provide the best quality medication that is in our ability and to do so in a timely manner with excellent customer service – treating the patient just as I would want to be treated!”

Mandy has been impacting lives at Wellness Pharmacy since 2005. She has a Doctor of Pharmacy from Samford University, is a proud wife and mother of three daughters and one cat. When Mandy’s not serving the community through Wellness Pharmacy, she travels the world with her family, exploring the outdoors on bike and on foot.