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Bonnie Blomeyer

Account Director

Bonnie Blomeyer, an Account Director for Wellness Pharmacy, values integrity and a strong work ethic. In her role, she acts as a liaison between pharmacists and practitioners, supporting her team while meeting the needs of patients. When Bonnie is seeking knowledge through medical conferences and interacts with clinicians, she is delighted to hear positive stories of how patients have been healed and their lives positively altered through the exceptional care (and southern charm!) of Wellness Pharmacy.

“I am passionate about seeing patients live their best lives and a strong work ethic while focusing on individualized care and investment to their health and well-being.”

Bonnie has been impacting lives at Wellness Pharmacy since 2004. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Samford University. When Bonnie is not building relationships between patients and clinics, she spends her time outdoors, playing with her nephews, and leading small groups at church.